Corporate Ethics and Values
Our company’s values serve as a unifying force among employees, fostering a positive workplace culture and contributing to success by harmonizing personal development with business expansion while also extending our culture to our partners.

Valos is committed to a continuous process of evolution and growth, with the unwavering aim of becoming and remaining the top choice in the realm of statistical solutions for clinical trials. In doing so, we bear a significant responsibility in delivering positive outcomes for individual patients and society as a whole. Our journey is made possible through the expertise of our highly qualified specialists. Our recruitment process is characterized by meticulous attention, not only in selecting professionals but in identifying individuals who are dedicated to the same mission and who share our core values.

Mutual Respect

At our core, we champion a set of explicit values centered around mutual respect and collaboration. We recognize and embrace our individual differences, placing value on the open exchange of ideas and working together to foster improvement.


Our primary emphasis is on achieving results, with the overarching goal of successfully concluding each project in alignment with the most exacting standards. We cultivate best practices and innovative solutions to attain high-quality, punctual work. This commitment not only upholds the company's stable leadership but also positions us as a dependable and reputable partner in the industry.


Our foundation of trust is built upon honesty and transparency within our company. We place profound trust in each other, driven by shared objectives and values. We foster a culture where seeking assistance is not a sign of weakness, because we recognize that every question will receive a thoughtful response, and we are always prepared to assist anyone in need.

Commitment to
Biomedical Advancement

We are acutely aware of the pivotal role our company plays in the realm of biomedical research. This awareness serves as a powerful motivator, instilling in us a deep sense of enthusiasm and dedication. We approach our activities with unwavering commitment, driven by the determination to successfully complete every project, furthering the cause of biomedical advancement.

Collaborative Teamwork
and Accountability

Our teamwork extends beyond day-to-day activities; we come together to tackle critical issues and drive decision-making. Each of us embraces personal responsibility for seeing these decisions through. We are acutely aware of our role in the task-solving process and understand how our individual actions can significantly impact the overall outcome for the entire team.

Professional Growth
and Innovation

We maintain an unceasing commitment to the development and enhancement of our professional skills. We foster a culture of continuous learning and growth, seeking out innovative solutions while maintaining a steadfast focus on quality. Through the optimization of our processes and the efficient distribution of workloads, we remain flexible and agile, ensuring that we stay aligned with the ever-evolving times.