Dmitri Petratchenko

20+ Years
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The team is led by Dmitri Petratchenko, who also serves as the CEO of VALOS. Dmitri is a pragmatic mathematician with more than two decades of experience in the realm of clinical trials. His hands-on approach ensures his continuous involvement in projects, emphasizing robust scientific principles and unwavering quality standards.

Career Guidelines

Dmitri Petratchenko boasts a remarkable career spanning over two decades, primarily as a Statistician and Statistical Programmer. Since 2002, he has been at the helm of Valos S.R.L, not only as the CEO but also as a driving force in the Statistical Programming division. His leadership extends to managing a dedicated team of Statisticians and Programmers engaged in diverse projects.

Dmitri’s academic journey is equally impressive, with three Master’s Degrees from Belarus State University in Applied Mathematics, Theoretical Mechanics, and Economical Mathematics. Furthermore, he holds Master’s Degrees in Medical Statistics and Genomics from Pavia University in Italy. His proficiency extends to programming and statistics in SAS.

Dmitri’s extensive experience includes active involvement in various clinical trial submissions to regulatory bodies such as the FDA, EMEA, and Japan. He has also participated in MHRA GCP Inspections and has held membership in PHUSE since 2007.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Dmitri generously shares his knowledge and insights through teaching commitments at the University of Genoa.

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