Mikhaela Miliotti

Head of Business Development
18+ Years
Personal Experience

Leading our Business Development team is Mikhaela Miliotti, a seasoned business development professional with over a decade of experience. Head of Business Development in Central, Southern Europe, USA, and worldwide.

Career Guidelines

Mikhaela is a dynamic and experienced professional with over 18 years of in-depth experience in business development and project management, having worked in various roles across a broad spectrum of industries. She is passionate, results-oriented, possesses strong interpersonal skills and has a proven track record.

Mikhaela is responsible for managing the Business Development team, pursuing new opportunities, building strong relationships with business partners, and improving processes to deliver excellent trials and meet client expectations. Mikhaela is responsible for improving our market position and maximizing our opportunity for growth within the company. She has demonstrated her ability to grow the business and enhance process efficiency within a variety of areas. She has played a key role in establishing the Boston office and introducing new clients in North America.

With over 18 years of international experience, Mikhaela brings valuable insight from her experience in the UK market. Before joining Valos, she undertook various business development and project management roles in a multinational engineering and design firm. Mikhaela has a strong desire to face challenges, is committed to excellence, and dedicated to helping Valos make a difference within the pharma industry.

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